Nuclear power in the national interest: Bernardi

July 17, 2018

With the power industry in Australia in crisis, Conservative party leader Cory Bernardi says we need to be discussing the option of nuclear power.

It's Conservative Party policy to ensure that cheap, reliable baseload power is available to guarantee security for industry and the economy but there is a legislated moratorium on even the discussion about nuclear power as an energy option.

With last week's ACCC energy report concluding Australia's energy market is broken and with strident opposition from the left to coal-fired energy generation, it only makes sense that nuclear energy is considered.

Senator Bernardi says, “We have a blanket moratorium on nuclear energy in this country. It seems to be the word that can’t be spoken about in federal parliament because the left of the political spectrum have intimidated almost everyone in the parliament, and the community has been brainwashed to think that nuclear is bad.”

“Yet nuclear is being used safely in dozens of countries around the world. There are many, many plants being generated around the world as we speak, because it offers base-load power, it’s economic and it’s emissions free,” he said.

Senator Bernardi has told Sydney radio station 2GB, “We should be having a conversation about the prospects to become an energy superpower. This means using our abundant sources of uranium to not just export, but to actually use them to generate power in this country.”

Senator Bernardi has told Sydney Radio station 2GB the Greens are ideologically opposed to a nuclear power industry here, but the nuclear option needs to be considered.

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