Nuclear's Green and Gold for (South) Australia

October 24, 2018

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi today released a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) research paper on the prospects for a nuclear energy future in Australia. The paper uses the senator's home state of South Australia as a case study including the value-add benefits of encouraging local development.

Linked below is the White Paper, prefaced with an Australian Conservatives Party executive summary.

Download White Paper

For policy enquiries, contact Senator Bernardi at (08) 8362 8600.

For technical enquiries, contact Jacopo Buongiorno, MIT, +1-617-253-7316 or 

The stand-alone MIT paper "Potential Applications of the Modern Nuclear Fuel Cycle to (South) Australia" can be found here.

[White paper updated on 2 November 2018.]


Recent, similar modelling by two Australian organisations, but for the east coast NEM, have come up with broadly similar conclusions – that significant nuclear power supplying Australia’s electricity market going forward will not just be possible and viable, but necessary and vital, and especially if the intensity of carbon emissions must continue to fall (or the politics remain unsettled).

  • The first paper (with modelling by Electric Power Consulting Pty Ltd (EPC)) can be found here, with further context here and here.
  • The second paper (with modelling by Dr Benjamin Heard, Consultant, Frazer-Nash Consultancy) entitled "Identifying the role for nuclear power in Australia’s energy transition" can be found and downloaded via the following link.


A year earlier (November 2017), Senator Bernardi introduced a Bill into the Australian Parliament seeking to lift the federal ban on nuclear power, and other elements of the nuclear fuel cycle. This Greens-initiated ban has been in place for two decades and needs to be removed for Australia to more fully participate in the "very 21st century" nuclear industry.


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