Now Scomo has seen common sense, what will Bill do?

November 22, 2018

A backlash from Labor Left MPs over the government’s rejection (yesterday) of the UN’s global compact for migra­tion has piled pressure on Bill Shorten (pictured) to reverse Australia’s position if he wins the next election.

The Conservative Party has successfully campaigned to convince the Morrison government to pull out of the Migration Pact and is seeking to elect Senate candidates to hold to that position no matter who forms government in the House of Representatives.

Labor Left MPs lashed the Coal­ition for deciding not to ­endorse the pact, now that Australia had joined with the US, Austria, ­Hungary and Poland in rejecting ceding control of our borders to un-elected UN bureaucrats.

The Labor leader said he was “not fussed” that the government did not embrace the global UN agreement but did not rule out reversing the government’s position if he win next year’s election.

The Prime Minister said his government would not “sign up” to international agreements it believe­d would compromise its “successful way of doing things” and said the compact was “inconsistent” with his border protection and boat turnback policies. 

He said he believed that that adopting the compact would, "directly conflict with importa­nt principles that have underpinn­ed our successful approa­ch".

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said the UN compact would have “undermined” Operation Sovereign Borders and may have been used by the courts to let more refugees stay in Australia.

Senator Bernardi told Paul Murray Live on Sky News that all UN agreements should be revisited for the sake of our sovereignty.

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