No step back in time for ABC bosses over Kylie clanger

October 03, 2018

In yet another top-level leak that would make major party leadership aspirants blush, it has been revealed overnight that now former ABC chairman Justin Milne supported a plan to hire Kylie Minogue to improve the ABC's image.

Michael Koziol reports in the Sydney Morning Herald that sacked former managing director Michelle Guthrie shot down the now mysteriously-disowned proposal because Minogue's management demanded $750,000 price tag.

The fact it took a now deposed outsider to quash the idea yet again brings into question the ABC's ability to manage taxpayer money wisely. The Conservative Party's policy is to merge the ABC and SBS, saving taxpayers over $1 billion a year, and expose it to greater commercial realities. You can support our funding reduction policy with this petition, and read our full policy here.

Appointed by associate and former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, marketing-experienced Mr Milne told Fairfax Media "An emotional campaign with Kylie singing a song ... I thought that could be cool."

The total budget of the Minogue ABC campaign was reportedly $3 million - an interesting figure to the 1,000 former ABC staff who have lost their jobs since 2014.

Ever since the sacking of Ms Guthrie, damaging leaks against Mr Milne, Ms Guthrie and other ABC managers have continued for over a week.

New Prime Minister Scott Morrison said staff at the public broadcaster ought to "get back to work".

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi spoke with ABC AM radio's Sabra Lane about Mr Milne's situation last week:

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