Nina van Strijp

Hello my name is Nina Van Strijp and I am honoured to be supporting Kevin Bailey AM in his bid for a Victorian Senate seat in the upcoming Federal election.

I am a mother to three young boys and I find great meaning and purpose in parenthood.

My husband and I run a building and construction business, which keeps us very busy.

I am also a qualified speech pathologist and a registered provider of the NDIS, and I run a small private practice in which I provide speech therapy to adults with acquired brain injuries and neurological disease.

I take great pride in working closely with my clients and their families so as to improve their health outcomes and quality of life.

I also have extensive experience working in the public and private hospital system, as well as in the aged care sector.

I have given my time to a variety of causes over the years in a volunteer capacity.

It has been a touching experience to hand out food to the hungry with the St Vincent de Paul Society.

I am a regular speaker at marriage preparation seminars for engaged couples run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Door-knocking and campaigning for the Coalition for Marriage campaign in 2018 was a demanding experience, however I found it so rewarding to listen to the honest concerns of the many people I encountered during the campaign.

I have facilitated a variety of youth groups and camps over the years.

Perhaps the most rewarding experience was the two years I spent as a volunteer in the USA in my twenties.

I was responsible for the development of community service programs with a twofold purpose; firstly to meet genuine needs in the community, and secondly to provide a means to engage university students in meaningful volunteer activities.

Examples of these programs included providing assistance at women’s refuges,  day “camps” for at risk children, running food drives for needy families, and baby goods drives for the support at risk pregnant woman.

I care about conservative values and the fundamental principles upon which our society was founded.

I care about the moral integrity of our society and the future of our country. I am concerned about the world in which my children are growing up in.

Now more than ever, in this post-modern, post-Christian world, we need to be a strong and compelling voice in the chambers of Government; a voice which holds to account the major political parties. A voice which shall not be drowned out.

A voice which shall provide a much needed alternative to the ‘isms’ which seek to undermine the core values upon which this nation was founded: secularism, relativism and individualism. Australian Conservatives is Our Voice.

That is why I give my 100% support to Kevin Bailey AM for Senate.