Leave our farms alone: Lambert

February 11, 2019
A website detailing the location and contact details of Australian farms has caused outrage in the industry with farm groups...

Shorten's medivac backdown proves Bernardi was right again

February 11, 2019
Labor leader Bill Shorten is considering support for a newly amended version of the medivac asylum-seeker bill after a briefing from...

Coal & beef industries need certainty in the face of climate-driven legal action

February 11, 2019
State and federal governments must act swiftly to protect the coal and beef industries against activist-driven climate lawfare in the...

Religious Freedom and the Sex Discrimination Act

February 11, 2019
Earlier this month, Conservative Party NSW Upper House candidate Dr Greg Walsh addressed the Sydney Institute about Religious Freedom and the...

Premier’s finch study holds no water for flood victims

February 10, 2019
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Government is showing more concern for the black-throated finch than for flood-ravaged Townsville residents pinning their hopes...

One Nation leader endorses Dr Greg Walsh

February 08, 2019
New South Wales One Nation leader Mark Latham has endorsed Conservative Party Legislative Council number one ticket holder Dr Greg...

Marxist thinking infecting our schools

February 08, 2019
Australia's education system is being heavily politicised and failing our kids, according to the Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate...

Greens punt parents from kids' health records

February 08, 2019
Parents now need to ask their kids for permission to see their medical records once the child turns 14, in...

Medivac bill ‘gives doctors control over refugees’

February 08, 2019
Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has been proven right, yet again, after he opposed a Labor-Greens-and-left-crossbench move to take control...

Greens’ renewables policies to blame for blackouts: Bailey

February 08, 2019
Following the recent rolling blackouts across Victoria, Conservative Party Victorian Senate candidate Kevin Bailey has taken aim at the Greens’ policies which he...

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