Motion to abolish compulsory student unionism voted down in senate

November 14, 2017
Senator Cory Bernardi moved a motion in the Senate to show support for abolishing compulsory student union fees.

Bernardi warns: Another senator in trouble on citizenship

November 13, 2017
Senator Cory Bernardi told the Senate this morning that another senator was in trouble on citizenship grounds, leading to speculation...

Senator Bernardi to lift nuclear power ban

November 13, 2017
Australian Conservatives founder Senator Cory Bernardi will introduce a bill in parliament today seeking to lift bans on nuclear power...

Dennis Hood MLC calls for tougher penalties on repeat drug drivers

November 13, 2017
Under Australian Conservatives MLC Dennis Hood's proposed strengthening of drug driving laws, drivers caught for a third time could see...

MP eligibility must be resolved before legislating resumes: Bernardi

November 09, 2017
Senator Cory Bernardi has repeated his call to prorogue (i.e. suspend) parliament until the eligibility of MPs is resolved.

Citizenship crisis a priority over redefining marriage 'before Christmas'

November 08, 2017
Senator Cory Bernardi has indicated this morning that resolving the citizenship crisis should stand at the head of the queue...

Bernardi repeats prorogue call as citizenship crisis deepens

November 08, 2017
As the NSW seat of New England goes to a by-election after the High Court ruled the Nationals' Barnaby Joyce...

Dual citizenship crisis opens Pandora's box on AEC funding

November 07, 2017
Senator Cory Bernardi says 'Pandora's box' is now open due to the dual citizenship crisis, saying there were valid grounds...

October leaderboard winner announced

November 06, 2017
It is our pleasure to award today our prize for our Members' Leaderboard, for the month of October.

Conservatives' citizenship audit call gathers steam

November 06, 2017
Senator Cory Bernardi's push for a citizenship audit is gathering steam, with weekend media picking up the growing number of...

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