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Foreign worker controversy at Queensland abbatoir

An abattoir worker from Kilcoy who lost his job to a foreign worker was allegedly “stood down with pay pending an internal investigation after his story went viral.” 

Australian Conservatives supporters brought to our attention this case regarding Australian workers seemingly sidelined by the 457 visa program which is only meant to fill skills gaps - i.e. not sidelining Australian workers.

Soon after, Senator Cory Bernardi raised the matter with federal Employment Minister Michaelia Cash seeking some answers.  The Australian Conservatives leader was also able to raise some of the concerns with the abbatoir's Chief Executive Officer. The CEO was very forthcoming and happy to be working with government to confirm that the law had not been breached.

It was later reported in the Caboolture News (pictured below) that the Department of Immigration is “looking into the case” stating that “skilled meat worker positions cannot be filled under the standard 457 program… a meat industry labour agreement is the only pathway for an Australian meat processing employer to recruit overseas workers in the occupation of skilled meat worker.”



Coalition's Labor Budget

Senator Cory Bernardi outlines the Conservative case for a responsible budget on Sky News last night, canning the Coalition’s budget as a Labor budget.

"Every Australian family is going to end up worse off out of this. We are attacking businesses that make a profit, simply because they make a profit, there is no principal attached to it and the government has not been prepared to cut its own spending," he said. “This is not what a conservative government is meant to be about.”

Senator Bernardi also questioned the amount of government debt that is hidden off the books, including the money that will be poured into infrastructure projects like the new Sydney Airport.

One credit the Australian Conservatives’ Senator will give the government is their 2017/18 Budget commitment to a small trial of drug testing on welfare recipients, forcing them onto the welfare card if they test positive. This comes after significant lobbying from Australian Conservatives - leading A Better Way for Australia. 

Smacking should not be outlawed

“South Australian parents should be legally allowed to carefully and lovingly smack their children as a last resort to curb dangerous behaviour”, the Hon Dennis Hood has told the Advertiser.

The Australian Conservatives MLC appeared on The Project last night to further discuss recent calls to have smacking outlawed.

“Unfortunately, the left-leaning thought police like to muddy the issue of child discipline by lumping abusive, violent parents into the same box as loving parents who teach their kids that there are consequences and absolutes in this world” he said.

In The Advertiser’s online poll last week more than 85 per cent of readers responded by saying they did not support a ban on smacking.

Mothers' Day Cancelled?

Australian Conservatives supporters have expressed their outrage at Moonee Ponds West school in Melbourne cancelling its Mothers' Day observances, like the Mothers' Day stall for children to buy small presents for their mothers.  The school's reason was stated in their newsletter - to be more 'inclusive'.

The school had indicated it wanted, instead, to observe the United Nations international day of families. 

Australian Conservatives started this petition online to stop schools cancelling Mothers' Day.  The petition was shared extensively on social media, raising awareness about the situation.  As the petition Update records on the site, it seems the school has backflipped.

Whilst this is a great result for Australian Conservatives supporters, we need more signatures to send a clear message to education ministers and school principals nationwide that we value mothers, and Mothers' Day, and don't want to devalue them for the sake of a minority.

Click here to sign the petition today.

Gonski 2.0 = CONski 2.0

The Financial Review reports that Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi is suspicious about the Turnbull Coalition's new 'Gonski 2.0' policy.

demolition-of-st-michaels-catholic-school-3375ebcf74564ac5.jpg"At first blush, it appears to be Labor's unfunded policy in new clothes ... This has all the hallmarks of a political fix rather than an education fix."

The Australian Conservatives leader said “the model represented a betrayal of Liberal values and risked a backlash similar to former Labor leader Mark Latham’s 2004 “hit list” that aimed to slash funding to 67 elite schools.”

Further reports have raised the concerns of Catholic education officials who fear having to drastically hike fees or close their doors altogether.

It is yet to be seen if the proposed changes will make it to a vote following what is set to be a heated party room meeting next Tuesday. 

Family First founder sees huge potential in merger

Andrew Evans

I HAD never anticipated becoming the oldest Member of Parliament to ever be elected in Australia, but that is exactly what happened when I put my hand up in the 2002 South Australian state election. I had always been comfortable in my role as a pastor, but I had begun to recognise a worrying trend in Australian politics and I knew change would not happen without intervention.

The Liberal Party, which I had voted for since 1949, could usually have been relied upon to protect our Judeo Christian traditions, but by this stage was already drifting away from its conservative position on the issues that were most important to me, my family and most in my community.

Family First Founder Andrew Evans I knew I had to take action and together with my son Ashley, who had discerned the same need, formed a party to stand for the very principles we could see were being abandoned. When I heard Cory Bernardi was breaking away from the Liberal Party to form the Australian Conservatives, the reasons for his decision echoed my own for establishing Family First.

I had many of our loyal supporters reach out to me following Cory's announcement, instinctively suggesting we join with him to create a strong, effective and synergistic conservative force in state and federal politics.

To them, it just made sense.

When Dennis Hood, who inherited my leadership of Family First, told me that he felt merging with Australian Conservatives could be the right move but only with my endorsement, I had no hesitation in offering my absolute encouragement and support.

Indeed, over many years I had admired Cory for his solid commitment to maintaining a conservative stance on moral and social issues, even when feeling the pressure from within the Liberal tent to relax his views. Some observers may conclude the amalgamation between our parties only eventuated due to Family First's recent challenges federally; however, the truth is, it was inevitable.

Judging by the response to Australian Conservatives by way of financial membership and registered support and now combined with Family First's grassroots campaigners, existing infrastructure and two strong performing sitting state MPs, it is certainly a movement poised for success.

The amalgamation can only serve to extend the influence, reach and impact of the conservative vote in South Australia at all levels, and that has always been the objective.

Anyone can perceive the growing trend worldwide toward conservatism, reflecting an innate desire for stability and adherence to traditions and values that have stood the test of time.

In Australia, this has been most evident in the rise in the number of minor and micro parties on the "right" side of politics who have capitalised on the growing disillusionment of voters with the two major parties.

The result however, is that they are each competing for the same votes and resources from those who seek to support a party that will uncompromisingly uphold and defend conservative values in our parliaments.

The only way forward whether it be through further amalgamations or less formal arrangements - is to recognise the need to combine the numerous conservative voices to counter the relentless attacks on our freedoms by leftist politics.

As the founding father of the Family First Party, I am immensely proud to have been part of a venture that defied all the odds since its inception and which surprised even its harshest critics.

To see it now merge with Australian Conservatives and be part of a movement rife with possibilities and potential is greater than what I had ever envisioned and for that, I am humbled, grateful and optimistic.

PICTURED: Article author and Family First founder, Andrew Evans

This article originally appeared in the Adelaide Advertiser newspaper, Wednesday 3 May 2017

Australian Conservatives amalgamates with Family First

Australian Conservatives and Family First will join forces to provide an even stronger conservative voice across the country.

“We are delighted to announce the amalgamation of Australian Conservatives and Family First,” the Leader of Australian Conservatives, Senator Cory Bernardi, said today.


PICTURED: The Honourable Robert Brokenshire MLC,
Senator Cory Bernardi, and the Honourable Dennis Hood MLC

“Australian Conservatives was created to unite conservatives and give them a stronger voice in parliament.  Family First have now added their firepower to Australia’s fastest growing political movement.”

 “Australian Conservatives have already made an impact in federal politics, and we have previously telegraphed the intention to contest state elections.  I am thrilled to join forces with Dennis Hood and Rob Brokenshire to strengthen the conservative voice at the state level.”

“Family First has played an important role over 15 years in the SA Parliament,” said the Hon. Dennis Hood MLC, Parliamentary Leader for Family First in South Australia, “This amalgamation with Australian Conservatives provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen our voice in South Australia and nationally.”

The Hon. Robert Brokenshire MLC, Family First member of the South Australian Legislative Council, also welcomed the move.  “I’ve had a long association with conservative politics in SA.  Australian Conservatives provides a better way for South Australia,” he said.


AEC accepts Australian Conservatives registration

Today the Australian Electoral Commission approved our application for Australian Conservatives to be registered as a political party. 

AC-Better-squarer-for-website.pngThat means we are now officially the fastest growing political party in the country. It’s the first leg in a long journey to find a better way for all Australians.

This achievement confirms that we are the only Conservative Party in Australian Politics.

Already we have fought (and won) principled political battles to uphold our traditions and values, respect human dignity, support the rule of law and cut taxes.

None of this would have been possible without the support and commitment of our members.

Today marks the start of the next step of our journey and we need all the help we can get. Join us or chip in today.

Every pair of hands and every dollar of support helps Australian Conservatives provide a better way.

Bernardi highlights 'mini-mosque' hypocrisy

Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi has raised the alarm in media this week that SA Labor’s new Royal Adelaide Hospital in the ‘City of Churches’ will have an Islamic prayer room but not a Christian chapel. 

New_RAH.pngThe Australian Conservatives leader said “Australians are sick and tired of accommodating a minority religion while undermining Christian traditions and heritage”. “Why do we expect the predominant religious belief -- being Christian cultural heritage -- and every other religious belief to share the multi-faith reflection centre… and then have another room almost exclusively for the use of another minority religion of two per cent -- even less here in South Australia.”

During subsequent coverage, the SA Government claimed the multi-faith area was always going to be called a 'chapel', but on Wednesday 12 April a select group of chaplains consulted on the area said they had opposed using the word 'chapel' to avoid offence to other faiths.  Senator Bernardi has questioned who is telling the truth about the chapel plans.

Kirralie Smith joins Australian Conservatives

Former senate candidate and anti-halal campaigner Kirralie Smith today joined Australian Conservatives to support its work in New South Wales. Senator Cory Bernardi’s statement welcoming Kirralie on board follows.

Kirralie Smith

Friday 7 April 2017

I am thrilled to welcome Kirralie Smith as a member of Australian Conservatives. Having worked with her on a number of occasions, most notably on halal certification concerns, I know her aspirations for our country and the preservation of Australian values are genuine and heartfelt.

Kirralie has been a courageous and outspoken opponent of the political correctness that is plaguing our nation and she will bring that energy and conviction to make a positive contribution as a member of Australian Conservatives.

Australian Conservatives is expanding its national footprint and has experienced significant growth in New South Wales as more people seek a principled, stable and credible alternative to the major parties. In the months ahead we will be seeking State based Party registration and I look forward to Kirralie playing a significant role in that process.

We are excited to have Kirralie join us during our rapid expansion as the fastest growing political movement in our nation.