Climate lies of Labor and Greens sealed poll loss

May 21, 2019
Soon after the election was called The Australian's Chris Kenny lamented that it might be the dumbest campaign we have...

Buffett’s big bet

May 21, 2019
What’s American billionaire Warren Buffett (pictured) doing with a $US10 billion ($14.5bn) bet on the future of oil and gas,...

Lost, leaderless Labor lacks a cause to inspire the masses

May 21, 2019
The Australian Labor Party is facing an existential crisis in the wake of a defeat it simply did not see...

Christian groups' sigh of relief over religious freedoms

May 21, 2019
Christian groups, including schools, have declared the ­Coalition’s return to government a win for religious freedoms and parental rights. The...

Victory vindicated Turnbull's removal

May 21, 2019
Scott Morrison’s “miracle” election victory has been hailed as a vindication of the decision to move against Malcolm Turnbull amid...

GetUp! Should be put down

May 21, 2019
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has lashed out at left-wing activist group GetUp for “deceptive”, “undemocratic” and “unrepresentative” conduct during...

Cuttlefish of the Left extend tentacles on climate ‘truth’

May 21, 2019
Fortunately for all of us, the climate isn’t changing as rapidly as the politics and language around it. What started...

Labor in post-election melt-down

May 21, 2019
Furious Labor MPs are urging the next leadership team to dump Bill Shorten’s tax agenda, end class warfare and reach...

Labor now the party engulfed by chaos

May 21, 2019
For months leading up to the federal election, and during the course of the election, Bill Shorten and his acolytes,...

Morrison to face renewed pressure from Beijing

May 20, 2019
China will use the re-election of the Morrison government to pressure the Coalition to rethink its ban on telecommunications giant Huawei and...

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