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Bernardi calls for action against radical-sympathising defence force imam

Senator Cory Bernardi pressed minister for defence Marisse Payne in question time this week, seeking justification for the continued employment of defence force imam Mohamadu Nawaz Saleem - a self-professed sympathiser of radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, having signed a joint statement in their defence.

 ss_(2017-06-18_at_11.52.06).jpg"Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamic group which has called for the overthrow of democracy and the imposition of global sharia law..." 

"...How can the minister justify the continuing employment of imam Saleem… given his support for such un-Australian and anti-democratic principles?"

 Minister Payne's suggestion that Saleem's views are representative of his own loyalties and not necessarily those of the Australian Defence Force shows a clear unwillingness to condemn the imam or his actions.

 "She missed the point" Bernardi tells 2GB's Ben Fordham, highlighting a foul hypocrisy evident  in the recent sacking of Bernard Gaynor for his own religious views. "There is a duality here and basically, this is another protection racket for extremism within the Islamic community"


To hear the rest of what Senator Bernardi had to say, go to:

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Conservatives demand action on Qatar

Australian Conservatives' state MLC Robert Brokenshire spoke with InDaily’s Tom Richardson after calling on the Federal Government to demand the state of Qatar immediately divest itself of all Australian-held assets.

farm.jpg“We cannot have foreign investors in this country whose activities are in direct opposition to the well-being of our people.”

“Qatar’s own Arab neighbours have cut ties with it in the past week because they believe Qatar is funding Islamist terrorists – we need to do the same.”

“Is Australia going to be principled and make a stand where there are serious allegations of direct funding of terrorism and evil or stand by and have a double standard? That’s the question here.”

Australian Conservatives, through both our legislative councillors and senator Cory Bernardi, will look to our state and national interests at all times.

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Conservatives Oppose Greens Marijuana Rush

Senator Cory Bernardi spoke with Steve Price on Sydney’s 2GB radio on Tuesday night about the Greens’ rush to import marijuana and Jacqui Lambie’s controversial about-face on the issue. 

cory_bernardi.png“The slippery slope is very real, because overseas it was for terminally ill patients then ... it was for people who say I’ve got a headache give me some marijuana, and we’ve got enough problems with zombified people in this country. We’ve already got huge mental health issues as a result of drug misuse and use, this just encourages it.”

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Bernardi Backs Debt Ceiling

As federal debt is poised to pass ½ a trillion Australian dollars ($500 billion), former Liberal Senator turned Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi told the Senate today that it was "extraordinary the Treasurer was able to raise the nation's debt without justifying it to Parliament".

You can watch Senator Bernardi’s senate speech in support of a debt ceiling – and attacking those who are blind to rising debt – below:

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Conservatives tour SA's Riverland region

Senator Cory Bernardi and South Australian MLC Robert Brokenshire toured the Riverland this week engaging with rural communities and businesses to gain further insight into local needs.

RB_and_CB_Murray_Pioneer.PNGSenator Bernardi told the Murray Pioneer, “people want security for their communities. They want to make sure they’ve got water security, they want to make sure they’ve got secure electricity supplies, and they want to make sure there’s a secure future for their children.

Country health was also a hot topic as the Hon Mr Brokenshire told the Loxton News, “We need to be able to ensure that the focus is kept on country health so we see theatres still able to work, so we see proper maintenance occurring and so we don’t see more decisions like they are talking about on the Yorke Peninsula at the moment.”

“Australian Conservatives is committed to finding the results and the outcomes South Australians in particular want to see.”

Royal Commission on China needed

The ABC's Four Corners program reported tonight some extraordinary allegations about the extent of Chinese influence in Australian politics. 

Australian Conservatives leader Senator Cory Bernardi said "There is something rotten in major party politics. We need a Royal Commission into Chinese influence in Australian politics."


Senator Bernardi backed up his Royal Commission call, saying he could not trust the major parties to investigate themselves after the Prime Minister issued a statement to Four Corners saying he would task the Attorney-General to run a major investigation.

Australian Conservatives launched a petition in support of the Royal Commission the same night, which you can sign here.

We need to talk about Islam


Australian Conservatives today launched our survey to begin the national conversation Australia has to have, about Islam in our country.  

Our founder, Senator Cory Bernardi, has been a regular critic of Islam, including here calling on Muslims to 'reject, refute and reform' Islam, and here where he called out the error of Britain's migration program accepting Islamic migrants.

We are inviting Australians to complete our survey by clicking here.

Successful Nordic approach to prostitution the best model

South Australian state parliament could soon vote on decriminalising sex work within months after an Upper House committee, including Australian Conservatives’ MLC the Hon Robert Brokenshire, examined written submissions and interstate brothels. 

red_light.jpgWhen talking to the Advertiser this week Mr Brokenshire disagreed with the committee report’s recommendation, however, “acknowledged current laws were outdated, but said the evidence did not successfully make the case for decriminalisation.”

The Australian Conservatives MLC “agreed with the Australian Christian Lobby that the Nordic model – where criminal charges apply to someone who pays money for sexual services, but not the sex worker themselves – was the best solution.”

“Mr Brokenshire said the focus should be on discouraging people from becoming a sex worker or paying for sex rather than promoting it as a career.”

Smashing the Culture of Cover-Up

Australian Conservatives’ State Leader the Hon Dennis Hood MLC today announced he will introduce legislation to grant the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) the powers to hold public hearings during maladministration and misconduct investigations, but not those which involve allegations of corruption.

Dennis_Hood_Photo.jpg“ICAC Commissioner Bruce Lander’s request for the ability to undertake hearings publicly is in the best interests of all South Australians,” Mr Hood said. “I will be drafting a bill to grant the Commissioner the rights he is seeking.”

Mr Hood spoke with the Advertiser about the need for shedding light on these matters “to give the public confidence that everything possible was being done to smash the culture of cover-up uncovered by Chief Psychiatrist Aaron Groves’ scathing report.”

“Why should we be in the situation where these things are done behind closed doors? That serves as no deterrent to anybody,” Mr Hood said, “people need to be able to see that there are consequences for maladministration.”

Australian Conservatives support open hearings for maladministration inquiries, rather than corruption cases, which can end up in court.

UPDATE:  The SA Liberals subsequently announced on Wednesday 31 May that they would, in effect, follow Australian Conservatives (SA)’s lead and legislate to allow public hearings for ICAC in maladministration cases



Barbaric Ideology Fuels Deranged Individuals

Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi spoke with Matt and Dave on ABC 891 Adelaide radio yesterday after the appalling attack in Manchester, calling on the government to be “more proactive in dealing with the substance of this issue.”

“What sort of barbaric ideology fuels deranged individuals to commit such crimes? ... there are groups of people who subscribe to a certain (Islamic) ideology living in Australia and around the world who are trying to export the poison that that ideology espouses.”

“I don’t think our immigration program is acting in our national interest. I don’t think it is acting in our social, economic or cultural interest at the moment… there is a great deal of community unrest because too many politicians refuse to confront the reality and that is, there is Islamic extremism being proselytised through bookshops, through some of the more fundamentalist mosques, there are Imams preaching hate and continually people are making excuses particularly in the public and political sphere.”

Those who dare to point out it is the doctrines of Islam and their fundamentalist proselytisers that inspire such putrid acts will be called Islamaphobes, bigots and racists by Islam's apologists in the West.

However, the first priority of any government is to protect our citizens and Australia's interests and it is time to end the excuses and actually confront the challenge before us.