New Business SA ad aligns with Australian Conservatives' policy

February 26, 2018

A key plank of the Australian Conservatives' policy is at the heart of the latest Business SA political advertisement which started airing today.

Founder and party leader South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi says only his party will make sure South Australia is somewhere our kids can stay, work and start a family.

"The other parties have been around for 20 years of squabbling, decline and economic failure for South Australia. Only the Australian Conservatives can deliver a better way because Conservatives are best at growing the economy,” he said.

“We will strengthen our families, grow our regional communities and invest heavily in the state’s long term economic future. We’ll take options like the nuclear fuel cycle out of the Weatherill-Marshall-Xenophon too-hard basket and do what is best for South Australia and future generations.”

Senator Bernardi continued, “We will lower the cost of living and cut the cost of doing business here. We’ll reverse rural decline, creating more real jobs than any other party. So how will we achieve this?”

“The Australian Conservatives will axe land tax, dump payroll tax, scrap stamp duty and give the Emergency Services Levy the boot. And we’ll put even more money into emergency services and another $500 million into health - guaranteeing our hospital system is the best in Australia.”

“The Australian Conservatives have a plan. A genuine, sustainable, fully-funded plan. That’s why, I urge you to put your family first and vote Australian Conservatives on March 17.” Senator Bernardi said.

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