Never mind the cost, feel the virtue

May 04, 2019

Refusing to play by the established rules of political logic, Bill Shorten — if he wins — will transform the politics of climate change in Australia by insisting what counts is the necessity for action and rather than worrying about silly details like money, jobs and the Australian economy.

The Conservative Party will oppose Labor's climate alarmist policies and can only stop the Greens making it worse or the Coalition caving in to leftist pressure by holding the balance of power.

Vote "1" Australian Conservatives in the Senate.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has consistently called out the whole myth of fighting climate change as a dangerous cult saying nothing we do to mitigate climate change can make any appreciable difference to the world's climate. 

An article in The Australian today says, the conventional wisdoms by which climate change politics has been conducted are on the edge of obliteration.

Any Labor victory in the May 18 election rejects the debate about modelling, costs and economic downsides in favour of the principle of action, at any cost, to fight global warming. 

What counts: the action or the cost?

This is the election choice the Opposition Leader and Scott Morrison have put before the public this week.

Their rival positions could not be clearer. Shorten says the public is “sick and tired” of excuses and if Australia doesn’t take serious action it faces an economic disaster. Don’t ask him about the economic cost of his policy because, ultimately, he can't answer that.

Shorten mocks the government as “climate denying cave dwellers” but if Labor and the Greens successfully push their climate alarmist policies, in caves is where where we'll all be living.

Senator Bernardi was recently interviewed by Adam Peacock on the podcast Peacock Politics, and explained why he is firmly of the belief that climate change alarmism is utter nonsense.

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