Multiculturalism not working 45 years after its launch

August 13, 2018

A new online poll has found an overwhelming percentage of respondents believe that multiculturalism is not working in Australia, 45 years after its launch by the Labor Party.

The survey confirms the long held view of Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi that multiculturalism is a flawed and failing doctrine with 84% of respondents saying multiculturalism is not working in Australia's best interests.

On 11 August 1973, Australia’s “Father of Multiculturalism” and Whitlam Government Minister for Immigration, Al Grassby, presented his paper “A Multi-cultural Society for the Future” to a symposium in Melbourne, launching 'multiculturalism' in Australia.

Grassby and the Whitlam Labor Government saw how the left side of politics could harvest votes from ethnic groups, pioneering a successful Machiavellian divide-and-conquer strategy.

Using government programs and taxpayer funds, Grassby and friends fostered difference, appealed to ethnic identity, encouraged enclaves, impeded natural integration and assimilation, pandered to grievance, tribalised Australia and gave ethnic groups an incentive to form leadership structures that guided “their people” to vote left/Labor.

The Grassby multiculturalism model has been rolled out in Western democracies ever since, with borders prised open for added effect. For decades, national major parties at the centre-right of the political spectrum (including Australia's) have failed to identify and stand up to these tactics, ensuring public debate and votes drift left.

Senator Bernardi says all cultures are not equal and we should stand up for our and the values it espouses,

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