Multiculturalism is a flawed and failing doctrine: Bernardi

July 19, 2018

Dismissing concerns about a multicultural Australia is arrogant and ignores ordinary people who don’t believe in the Utopian dream of harmony without conformity, according to an opinion piece in today's Townsville Bulletin.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi agrees and says multiculturalism is a flawed and failing doctrine.

The opinion piece continues:

Left-wing activists say things like “Our diversity is our strength”, but try telling that to average Aussies who know harmony depends on conformity and commonality, not diversity.

At the moment, society seems determined to let people not only reject majority opinion, but demand the majority change to suit them.

If little Johnny is disrupting class, the school is encouraged to find a teaching method that suits him.

If a man wants to have a sex change and compete in women’s sports and use women’s bathrooms, we must change the rules and structure to allow it. Bad luck for women, and for anyone who disagrees.

If a little girl wants to wear non-approved shoes to school, there’s a social media campaign to get the school to change the rules.

If a foreigner wants to live in Australia, not learn English, not stand for a judge, only eat religiously-prepared food, and not adopt local customs, our leaders not only seem to tolerate it, but also outlaw criticism of it.

I attended a Free Speech Forum in Cairns on Monday night where anti-multiculturalism activist Lauren Southern spoke. People in the crowd expressed concerns with large numbers of immigrants from vastly different cultures moving to Australia.

They’re worried about ethnic gangs, homegrown Islam-inspired terror attacks, and the abandonment of traditional, commonsense values.

There were no swastikas or “white power” signs, just very average mums, dads, young and old worried about governments forcing them to accept people who appear to be making little effort, if any, to accept Australia.

Senator Bernardi has told Sky News all cultures are not equal.

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