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A Melbourne school has banned Mothers Day, saying it is not inclusive enough. Voice your disapproval!

Melbourne radio station 3AW reports that the Moonee Ponds West Primary School has cancelled Mothers' Day indefinitely, preferring the more 'inclusive' United Nations "International Day of Families".


Australian Conservatives stands against the continual erosion of traditional Australian values, such as our value of the importance of a mother and a father.

Continual changes to appease minorities dilute fundamental building blocks of our society, like the importance of children having a relationship with their mother and father where it is possible and safe to do so.

Add your name to voice your protest to the Victorian government - and governments around the nation - that Mothers' Day matters and should never be cancelled!

 * check the school's own newsletter for yourself here.

UPDATE: The day after launching this petition, on Tuesday 9 May 2017,

  • this Australian newspaper report indicated that the Victorian Government Education Minister 'distanced' himself from the school's move, and it was reported that the school had decided to reinstate Mothers' Day observances; and  
  • Neil Mitchell's 3AW radio program reported that morning that another Victorian school had cancelled Mothers' Day stalls and instead was running 'social justice' stalls.

One news report does not settle the matter and, nonetheless, we still need you to add your voice that Mothers' Day matters and to stand in the way of this political correctness.