Morrison won’t pull out of Paris

Prime minister Scott Morrison says there is no need to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, because that won’t impact electricity prices – evidence Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi shows us we’re just in for more of the same.

In the two radio interviews this morning, Morrison signalled he was not inclined to pull out of the Paris treaty because “I’m not convinced changing it makes any difference one way or the other – that’s the bottom line.”

“We met the first round of targets at a canter and this next one is out to 2030. Now, that discussion isn’t going to change anybody’s electricity prices, and that’s what I’m focused on.”

Morrison was asked how he’d bring down power prices. He said the government had already put the power companies on notice, and he was “open” to setting up a royal commission into the industry – an idea Peter Dutton floated before unsuccessfully trying to seize the Liberal party leadership.

Senator Bernardi told radio station 2GB the patchwork of ill-thought-out and inconsistent policies just goes to prove there is no principle behind this government’s agenda and the electorate doesn’t seem to have an appetite for common sense restraint.