Morrison should act swiftly on Ruddock freedoms inquiry

The Conservative Party has called on the new Morrison Government to act swiftly to end the uncertainty over freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and parents’ rights in the wake of the same-sex marriage debate last year.

“It has been three months since the Ruddock review of freedom of religion was handed to former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,” Conservative Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said.

“People of faith and no faith need to know if they will be free to hold a public view of marriage contrary to the new Marriage Act without fear of being dragged before an anti-discrimination tribunal. Religious schools run by Christians and Muslims which hold to the time-honoured definition of marriage need certainty that teaching children this definition and requiring staff to uphold this definition will not result in legal sanctions,” he continued.

“Parents are also increasingly worried about their rights as radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid programs are pushed in schools in a number of Labor States. They want to know if they have the right to withdraw their kids without recrimination from these types of classes and the right to be told before such materials and websites were recommended to their children,” he said.

Mr Shelton said it was encouraging that Mr Morrison voted for each of the seven freedom amendments drafted by Senators James Paterson and David Fawcett last December.

Sadly, these were all defeated at the time as a majority of Coalition MPs worked with the Greens and Labor to vote down freedom of speech, religion and conscience in the wake of the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

Mr Shelton has told Sky News he supports calls from new Education Minister Dan Tehan for a religious discrimination act to provide greater protections to people of faith.