Morrison’s attempt to channel Menzies welcome but Conservatives needed for the fight

September 06, 2018

The Conservative Party welcomes news this morning that Prime Minister Scott Morrison is attempting to bring the Liberal Party back to the principles and social values of its founder, Sir Robert Menzies.

“Sadly, the Coalition’s capitulation to Green-Left policy on climate, gender and political correctness has hurt our economy and undermined our freedoms,” Conservative Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said.

“The Conservative Party’s influence and that of millions of disappointed Australians is evident in Mr Morrison’s attempt today to put the nation back on track.”

“The test will be whether or not the dysfunctional Liberal and National parties have the ability and even the will to engage the public debates against the Green-Left whose ideological well they have drunk at for so long.”

“Too many in the Liberal and National parties either support the Green-Left view on climate, gender and freedom of speech or don’t have the courage to fight it.”

Mr Shelton said issuing tweets about “gender whisperers” and talking big on electricity prices and free speech meant nothing if the government did not, in public, tackle head-on the arguments sustaining the prevailing Green-Left policy direction of our nation.

“The only sure way for Australians to push back on the Green-Left drift is to elect Conservative Party Senators as third-party insurance.”

“Regardless of who wins the next election, a cluster of principled and common-sense Conservative Senators with the courage to take on the Green-Left is what our nation needs,” Mr Shelton said.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says if Scott Morrison really wants to bring the Coalition back to it's fundamental principles, there's a website he can go to today.

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