More idiocy from the Andrews Labor Government: Bernardi

August 03, 2018

Victoria's Andrews Labor government staff are being told to avoid using “gendered” language and instead use pronouns such as “they” or “them” - the kind of political correctness that the Conservative Party deplores.

The Australian reports, Victoria's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is promoting the first Wednesday of every month as “They Day”. The Conservative Party rejects ‘identity politics’ and with more Conservative senators in federal parliament, we can halt the relentless march of the politically correct brigade.

An email sent to the department’s 10,000 staff claims, “Non-­binary identities are just as valid as binary gender identities. Names don’t always correspond to a person’s gender. There may be a gap between a person’s gender identity and your perception of the person. Saying ‘they’ is more flowing and inclusive than saying ‘he’ or ‘she’.”

They Day is an initiative of the department’s Pride Network which The Australian reports other Victorian government departments will consider adopting .

The DHHS will also possibly label bathroom facilities to meet specific needs of non-binary, gender-fluid, transgender or intersex employees.In 2016, the Victorian government released its Inclusive Language Guide, which encouraged public servants to “avoid using heteronormate language” such as “husband” and “wife”.

The guide also warned staff to “avoid misgendering” and to be “be aware that some gender neutral pronouns exist, such as ‘zie’ and ‘hir’”. “By using inclusive language when referring to LGBTI persons, the public sector will reflect these values within both the sector and the community it serves,” the guide said.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told the Triple M radio network it's exactly this kind of politically correct idiocy which makes people despair about politics today.

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