More green tape under Labor and the Greens

Bill Shorten has promised the Labor National Convention in Adelaide that his government will create a national Environmental Protection Agency, which is bound to mean more green tape, blocking the creation of new jobs and further slowing the economy.

The Conservative Party policy regularly advocates for reducing the size, scope, reach and attendant cost of government, and its red, green and other tape restricting businesses from creating jobs.

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I support the Bernardi Plan: More Baseload Power, Lower Cost The headlong rush by Labor, the Liberals and the Greens to pursue renewable energy – pandering to colleagues in Paris rather than helping everyday Australians…


The Advertiser reports, the new independent agency – to be created in Labor’s first term in government – would be charged with protecting oceans, rivers, bush, coastlines and native species.

Greens environment spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young has, predictably, welcomed Labor’s proposed new laws — but went further saying the Greens are committed to no new coal, oil and gas.

“The Greens in the Senate will ensure Labor is held to their promises on protecting the environment. We will always stand up to the fossil fuels lobby and fight for no new coal, oil and gas,” she said.

The Minerals Council of Australia said, “Australia’s minerals sector is already struggling with red and green tape which delays projects, costs jobs and threatens competitiveness. Yet rather than making existing environmental regulation more effective and efficient, Labor will add another layer of green bureaucracy which will cost jobs, discourage investment and make it easier for  activists to disrupt and delay projects”.

The only way to stop Labor and the Greens’ environmental green tape from wrecking the Australian economy is to vote for Conservative Party candidates in the Senate so that we can hold whomever forms government in the lower house to account and shape common sense, principled policy outcomes.