Mob rule? Not with Conservative Senators!

February 28, 2019

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert wrote a letter to SA newspapers recently, musing on a conversation with a South Australian farmer:


"Greg’s like most people I talk to.

His farm gives him enough headaches, he doesn’t want to think - let alone talk - about politics.

“They’re a mob of idiots - where do you even start?” Greg protests.

Meanwhile his sheep munched on his garden.

“Why do you let them do that?” I asked.

Greg said the mob go wherever they like now. “What about that perfectly good fence on the ground over there?” posed I, “Why not put it back up and put them in their place?”

Greg sighed “Nobody cares about that any more, the mob have taken over.”

Says I: “What if I help you put that fence back up, and we bring back common sense?” Greg said it would be solid work, but since I was up for it, we got stuck in.

We can restore the common sense fence in the Senate and put the political mob back in its place."

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