Minister blasts Labor over ABC

May 31, 2018

Federal Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has challenged Labor over its reaction to the government’s ABC funding cuts tweeting: "Labor attacks ABC funding changes. But they won’t say what they’d do differently! No ideas and no plans."

Conservatives’ leader Cory Bernardi has long argued that ABC funding should be radically pared back and a root and branch reform of the ABC and SBS undertaken.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports, Labor's communications spokeswoman Michelle Rowland says she is "looking very closely" at ABC funding but cannot say if her party will reverse the Coalition's cuts.

Asked twice at a public forum on Wednesday night whether Labor would undo the funding freeze in this year's budget - as well as $254 million in cuts under former prime minister Tony Abbott - Ms Rowland told the audience Labor was looking to balance "economic realities" with its principles.

"We actually have a good track record of supporting and increasing funding to the ABC," she said.

But Labor has refused to say how much - if any - of that money it would replace.

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Picture: Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland

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