Migrants OK for country areas if community needs them

June 08, 2018

Regional towns are renowned for their ingenuity, passion and the ability to solve their own problems through hard work and the strength and resilience of their communities.

The Conservative Party recognises the vital role regional towns play in sustaining Australia’s larger communities.

An opinion piece in the Central Western Daily newspaper says for many rural communities observing a slow bleed of population decline, while also watching local workforce opportunities go unfilled and local businesses unable to hit their potential is a source of on-going frustration.

Many people have long accepted that this missing workers situation is one that mostly can’t be solved in rural Australia.

The Regional Australia Institute has proposed locally-led migration projects as a way to find the missing skilled workers that communities need to stabilise their population and fill local jobs.

Conservatives’ leader Senator Cory Bernardi agrees with the plan - so long as we are bringing people into country areas who will integrate and contribute to our national success story. The Conservative Party chief hastens to add that immigration levels are double what are sustainable, something the Party wishes to reduce as its headline immigration policy.

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