Master Builders SA backs Australian Conservatives plan

February 26, 2018

Master Builders SA have endorsed the Australian Conservatives plan for the nuclear fuel cycle as a way to abolish state taxes.

The Advertiser reports Australian Conservatives founder and South Australian Senator Bernardi addressed more than 200 financial members at the party’s Kent Town headquarters yesterday to launch the 2018 SA election campaign and meet the 33 candidates running for the Lower House.

Those candidates support further investigation of the conclusions of the Scarce Royal Commission into a nuclear fuel and storage facility.

The policy details how a facility will provide enough funds to abolish payroll and land tax, stamp duty, the Emergency Services Levy and the NRM Levy while also providing $500 million for upgrades to metropolitan and regional hospitals, $250 million for roads and $100 million for emergency services.

Australian Conservatives SA leader and MLC Dennis Hood said that party membership was “now approaching levels that the major parties would be happy with themselves”.

MLC Rob Brokenshire said SA was facing its biggest challenges since the collapse of the State Bank in the 1990s, and that the Conservatives had the answers.

He said 20 years of Labor Government “would be a disaster”, noting “even a great Prime Minister like John Howard ran out of puff” after a decade.

Mr Brokenshire said allowing SA Best to hold the balance of power would be even worse.

“If you build a party around an individual, sooner or later it falls apart,” he said.

Senator Bernardi said the Conservatives were united by principles, noting it was “not my name at the top of the party”.

“There is no greater example of the failure of experimental politics than SA,” he said.

“SA has suffered more than any state in the Commonwealth because of how it’s been governed and how little that has been challenged.

“We are not asking to run the state, we are asking to help shape the state.”

Picture: Upper House MLC Robert Brokenshire is welcomed to the Australian Conservatives campaign launch by Senator Bernardi

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