Marxist thinking infecting our schools

February 08, 2019

Australia's education system is being heavily politicised and failing our kids, according to the Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert. 

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On Adelaide Radio station FIVEaa Leon Byner heard that our children are being indoctrinated by a curriculum crammed full of crushing political correctness and ideas about gender-fluidity and equality of outcomes rather than opportunity, promoted by the cultural left.

Education expert Kevin Donnelly told the programme our education curriculum is also being pushed away from anything that could offend the LBGTQI community at the expense of traditional educational thinking and expectations. 

Dr Donnelly went on to explain in the interview underlying Marxist ideology driving changes to the curriculum. In October 2018 he wrote:

"And one of the most powerful and successful strategies used by the cultural-left seeking to remake society in its Marxist image is to embark on the long march where, instead of a revolution, change occurs incrementally and the final destination is hidden."

Speaking with the Australian on 30 January, Dr Donnelly said one of the key aims of his recently released paper was to persuade policymakers to make basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science and history prioritised as the foundation of all learning - an emphasis the Australian Conservatives support specifically in our policies.

The former teacher, regular columnist for The Australian and senior research fellow at the Australian Catholic University was in 2014 appointed co-chair of a review of the national curriculum by then education minister Christopher Pyne. He said he was disappointed Mr Pyne and the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority had ignored many of his recommendations.

“Christopher Pyne failed to fully take note of the recommendations and ACARA paid lip ­service,” Dr Donnelly said.

He said the situation had worsened, with a renewed focus on “21st-century learning” in the Gonski 2.0 review commissioned by Mr Pyne’s successor, Simon Birmingham.

“There’s now a renewed focus on 21st-century competencies like critical thinking, being creative and intercultural understanding, which is all pretty vacuous if you can’t read or write,” Dr Donnelly said.

Rikki told Leon what's being taught to his children is increasingly politically-correct and less focussed on the skills, knowledge and history that they need to know.

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