NSW Candidate for Wyong

Martin Stevenson

Self-employed small business owner since 2003 - I run an electrical contracting company with five employees.

I grew up in Granville NSW and moved to Warnervale on the Central Coast when I got married 31 years ago. I still live in Warnervale with my wife and son.

Until the Rudd/Gillard years, I assumed politicians were genuinely looking after our best interests so just went to work and paid my taxes.

Unfortunately, as I have become more concerned and aware of what they actually have done to this once-great country, I can see I was very wrong.

Both major parties and the Greens only care about the 'Political Elite Class’ and it's UN/left wing agenda which is far from being in the best interests of the average working Australian.

We need a true alternative to those three left-wing parties who can actually get some candidates into parliament and stop what is going on, to eventually govern in their own right.

The Australian Conservatives are on their way to achieving that outcome and I hope I can play some small part in making that happen.

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