Mark Knight cleared by Press Council

February 25, 2019

A cartoon of tennis player Serena Williams which sparked complaints of racism and sexism was not in breach of media standards, according to the Australian Press Council which handed down its ruling on the case today.

The Conservative Party is a strong defender of free speech and expression and welcomes the ruling.

The cartoon (above) which featured in Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper and several other metropolitan News Corp publications showed Williams throwing a tantrum during her loss to Japan's Naomi Osaka in last year's US Open.

The Herald Sun responded to complaints saying that the cartoon was "not intended to depict negatively any race or gender" and "was drawn in a style that the cartoonist has drawn over several decades and was only intended to be a 'sporting cartoon' for the publication's local readership".

The Council said it "does not consider that the publication failed to take reasonable steps to avoid causing substantial offence, distress or prejudice".

While the Conservative Party welcomes the Press Council's decision, it notes that Mark Knight was subjected to vile and vitriolic abuse on Twitter after the cartoon's publication and he even deleted his Twitter account.

Maybe the stifling impact on free speech from the rampant attacks of the politically correct Marxist left has already occurred - and we all feel slightly less free as a result.

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Save Free Speech, Reform 18C

In light of the cases against, and treatment of, columnist Andrew Bolt, the late cartoonist Bill Leak, QUT students, cartoonist Mark Knight and Nine's Sonia Kruger and Seven's Samantha Armytage, we have had enough PC!...

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