Many seem to have forgotten what the Senate is for: Lambert

October 29, 2018

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate, Rikki Lambert, is a former lawyer who has worked in the state and federal political sphere for more than a decade.

The Chief of Staff to Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has written a letter to newspapers in South Australia, explaining why it's so important to vote for Conservative Party Senators at the next federal election:

Within the Senate building in Canberra I've seen the antics of personality parties using desperate tactics to get publicity.

Whether it's sugary-sweet (but unfunded) promises or social experiments, ambulance-chasing or outrageous statements, Australians might forget what the Senate is for.

The Senate is the States' house and the vital means to hold government to account, scrutinising the government's legislation, budget and spending.

Parties in a house of review must do so through the prism of policy and principle, not the peccadilloes or price of an individual. 

Governments are formed in the lower house (the green ballot paper), voters on the white Senate ballot paper need to send principled party candidates to Canberra who will get the Senate to do its job.

Rikki has told FIVEaa's Andrew Reimer the Australian school curriculum is seriously deficient when it comes to communicating even a basic understanding of how our democracy works.

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