Double discrimination

April 26, 2018

Male army recruits are forced to serve double the minimum time as women after becoming a combat soldier and Australian Conservatives member and Iraq war veteran Bernard Gaynor says, 'It's discrimination against men'. 

Australian Conservatives leader Senator Cory Bernardi says he, "welcomes party members calling out discrimination and hypocrisy in all their forms within our institutions".

The Daily Mail reports an Australian Defence Force job advertisement for combat soldiers requires men to put in twice the minimum effort of women.

The $61,400 a year position for a frontline Army infantry soldier states that males would need to commit four years as part of an initial period of service.

However, women would only be required to dedicate two years. 

Mr Gaynor, says the Australian Defence Force is discriminating against men for ideological purposes.

'This discrimination is occurring ironically at the direction of the Australian Human Rights Commission,' he said.

Australian Defence Association executive director Neil James, who served in Iraq, was baffled as to why men would have to serve double the minimum period.

'It sounds unusual,' he said.

'It could be a mistake. I can't understand why they'd be different.'

An infantry soldier based in the New South Wales Hunter Valley told an Army Facebook page women were allowed to pass less stringent physical tests than men.

'With speed and aggression being the key, a female or male soldier who cannot move shoot and communicate with the section becomes a liability and degrades our ability to kill the enemy,' he said.

The Australian Defence Force's job advertisement said the Army was searching for a combat soldier capable of being able to 'seek out and close with the enemy, to kill or capture him, to seize and hold ground, repel attack, by day or by night, regardless of season weather or terrain'.

Under the rules of the minimum period of service, men can leave at any time after doing four years of their initial minimum period of service, compared with two for women, provided they didn't owe any return of service obligation.

To read Stephen Johnson's full article click here.

Meanwhile, Senator Bernardi says he remains concerned that women are allowed to serve on the front line in combat roles.

This is the Senator’s reasoning behind the position:



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