Malcolm Turnbull’s “Liberals are not Conservatives” speech in London

On 10 July 2017, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull delivered his infamous speech in London confirming that Liberals were not conservatives, the Liberal Party had never been a conservative party and that its founder, Sir Robert Menzies, was a moderate, progressive leader.

The word “progressive” was not commonly used in Australia back then, and it didn’t have the attachment to identity politics and social engineering it has today. Moreover, Menzies used the word more in the economic sense than the social and cultural Marxist, policy sense.

Turnbull also stated, “In 1944, Menzies went to great pains not to call his new centre-right party a conservative party — rather he described our party as the Liberal Party, which he firmly anchored in the centre of Australian politics.”

The PM’s speech – and his strong reaction to criticism back home – gave the very clear message to millions of conservative Australians that they were no longer welcome in Turnbull’s Liberal Party, guided by the “Black Hand” factional leadership of Turnbull, Bishop, (then Attorney-General) Brandis and “fixer” Pyne.

Thankfully, the Australian Conservative Party had been established 5 months earlier as a new home for those millions who support lower taxes, free enterprise, personal responsibility, civil society and stronger families.

Mr Turnbull had promised to leave politics back in 2010 soon after he had fulfilled his threat to cross the floor to vote for then Labor PM Kevin Rudd’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS). Ever since, he has prevented the Liberal Party from being the sensible, conservative party it used to be, and what Australia always needed it to be.

Mark this day of progressive Coalition PM Malcolm Turnbull verballing Liberal Party founder, Sir Robert Menzies, and driving Australian conservatives to their true home – the Australian Conservative Party – by:

  • reading Turnbull’s deliberately provocative London speech in full
  • reminding ourselves of Turnbull’s deeply “progressive” past/roots, including:
    • his failed 1999 leadership of the Australian Republican Movement,
    • wanting to join the Federal Labor Party as its shadow Finance Minister soon after, and
    • his passionate Ruddy passion on climate change in the Labor years of government (including this speech)
  • joining or chipping in your support for the Conservative Party – the only true conservative party of Australia and now the natural and only political home for Australian conservatives, and/or
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends and those imbued with the conservative spirit, values and mindset.