M for magnificent: ballot result for WA

April 25, 2019

The Conservative Party's Western Australian Senate candidate Jonathan Crabtree will be at position "M” on the ballot paper at the May 18 federal election after the draw for ballot paper positions.

Conservative Party leader Senator Cory Bernardi said,”Jonathan’s experience in the world of business and law, together with his extensive community and volunteer connections make him an ideal candidate for the Conservative Party.”

Born and raised in rural Western Australia, Jonathan moved to Perth to study Law at the University of Western Australia in 2005.

Happily married with a two pre-school children, Jonathan said, “I am very humbled and grateful for the opportunity to run as the Conservative Party’s Senate Candidate for the State of Western Australia.”

“I believe that we are standing at a crossroads. Never before have conservative voices been more maligned in the public sphere and it is my strong desire to be a member of a tough and forthright conservative team that acts to halt the radical social and economic political agenda of the left.”

“Over the last 10 years we have witnessed the steady decay in decency and common sense in the Canberra bubble.”

“I believe strongly that we need to reduce inefficient government spending, reduce taxes, implement stricter requirements for immigration, support our military and police, support traditional families, promote traditional family values and stand up for free speech against the intolerant, and increasingly radical, left.” 

“Our way of life is worth fighting for, and with your help, I intend to do just that.”

Jonathan is joined on the Western Australian Conservatives Senate ticket by Peter Castieau and Matt Brazier.

Vote "1" in box "M” on your Western Australian Senate ballot paper at the federal election to bring common sense back to Canberra.

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