Lyle Shelton


Lyle Shelton

Federal Communications Director

History will record that this was Australia’s lost decade.  Canberra has worked very hard for Canberra.  It hasn’t worked very well for Gladstone, Bundaberg or Toowoomba.  While the debt continued to climb, politicians obsessed over left-wing fads.  Climate ideology, gay marriage and identity politics have set our country back.

I’ve spent the last ten years fighting this decline because I know there is a better way.  It’s time to return to our roots and rebuild Australia.  We need stronger families, lower taxes and a return to civil society.

I know what it takes to build a conservative, grassroots movement.  One that inspires millions of Australians and harnesses the energy and passion of tens of thousands of activists.  The last ten years don’t have to define our future.  Queensland is counting on us.  That’s why I’m asking for your support to serve our party as the lead Senate candidate in Queensland.  Because I know that working together, we can achieve great things for this State and our nation.


Coalition for Marriage – Spokesperson and Director

Australian Christian Lobby – Chief of Staff and Managing Director

Toowoomba City Councillor –  elected 2000, re-elected 2004

Youth pastor – Toowoomba City Church

Journalist – Queensland Country Life, Rural Press Limited

BA Journalism – University of Southern Queensland