Losing our Democracy – Lyle Shelton

April 16, 2018

Australian Conservatives’ Federal Communications Director Lyle Shelton says Canberra is broken in an interview today on Vision Radio.

“Our nation is drifting badly and we’ve gone past the point where we can just sit in apathy and have a nice life and expect the country will run smoothly.”

Lyle flagged his desire to represent his home state of Queensland as an Australian Conservatives senator, led by the party’s founder and South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi.

The federal election is expected in the first half of 2019, though the Turnbull government could theoretically go to the polls sooner.

“They’ve had a terrible time of late,” said Lyle. “The same sex marriage debate last year was considered by them to be a big distraction from their jobs and growth agenda.”

“Then there was the tragedy over Barnaby Joyce’s marriage breakdown and the ongoing soap opera, so they are looking for clear air to try and govern.”

“I could see that we had been let down by both sides of politics. By Labor particularly which has now adopted the Greens social policy.”

“All the radical gender ideology aspects, anti-freedom of speech, anti-religion, that’s all Labor policy now.”

As for the Coalition, Lyle’s of the opinion they’re not much better.

“They’re drifting the same way and I feel what Cory Bernardi is doing waving a flag for genuine conservatism that aligned with my values.”

 “It very much fits with my view of politics.”

 “These are terms that political junkies use but they don’t always fit neatly in those boxes. But we have shifted dramatically to the left. That’s taken us down a path where we’ve seen marriage redefined, we’ve seen freedom of speech and freedom of religion come under enormous pressure.”

“We’re seeing radical gender ideology being imposed on us where now you can be in trouble for not going along on this idea you can be a boy or a girl and not necessarily what your biology says.”

Lyle Shelton’s also aware of the drift towards bigger government and higher national debt.

“That’s three-quarters of a trillion dollars-worth of debt. And we’re now in the grip of an energy crisis in the most resource-rich country in the world,” he said.

“We’ve had leadership coup after leadership coup on both sides of politics – Canberra is broken, there doesn’t seem to be any answers.”

 “The Australian Conservatives are not a Christian party. We’re broad-based, although we are unashamedly based on Judeo-Christian values…and we see those values are what has shaped Australia and Western civilisation and we want to champion those values.”

He said a lot of the problems were due to the breakdown of the political culture and the failure of political leadership.“In the old days and America’s foundations, people took up arms to fight for the things they believed in.”

But Lyle is certainly not advocating violence other than to say there’s a need to take up a partisan approach.

“Instead of taking up arms, get involved in the political fight to use that metaphor, and that’s what I feel I need to do.”

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