Looking for stability and leadership in Canberra? Think again: Lambert

December 06, 2018

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert has been reflecting on the leadership, or lack of it, that  we've seen in Canberra since the year the Howard government was defeated, 2007.

Rikki writes:

From the blue corner since 2007 we’ve seen Howard, Nelson, Turnbull, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison – six changes in 11 years.  

In the red corner since 2005: Latham, Beazley, Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Shorten – six in 13 years.

In the grassy green corner since 2007: Anderson, Vaile, Truss, Joyce and McCormack – five in 11 years.

The wacky watermelon green corner, since 2012: Brown, Milne and Di Natale –  three in six years.  

In 2019, Abbott, Bishop, Frydenberg, Albanese, Plibersek, Joyce and McKenzie are all in play.

They want you to forget their roles in the turmoil and partisanship they’ve imposed on Australia.

Our founding fathers designed the Senate for stability, with six-year terms to focus on the longer-term.

That’s why your Senate vote is so important, and where you can bring back common sense by voting for your Conservative Party candidate in the Senate.

Rikki recently told Hills Radio 88.9FM's Chris Carpenter exactly what the Conservative Party stands for and how it can bring principle and sound policy-making back to Canberra.

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