Lobbyists a cancer in politics, but ballot box is the real solution

Senator Cory Bernardi says the best place to stop career politicians becoming lobbyists is at the ballot box, as proposals were cast around the crossbench about further regulation.

In comments sent to the Sydney Morning Herald, Senator Bernardi said: “Lobbyists have proven to be a cancer in politics – particularly in NSW. However they only have any power if Ministers and members agree to meet with them or depend on them for their pre-selections. The first way to neuter them is to cut off their influence, even if they are former party chums.”

“When it comes to former politicians, the real problem is they are career politicians. They are only employable as lobbyists after politics. Many politicians lack prior real world experience which means they are almost unemployable after politics. The better approach is twofold:

(1)          voters need to support candidates that have real world experience; and

(2)          support Australian Conservatives policy on term limits, ensuring politicians don’t hang around for so long they are unemployable afterwards.”

“So I’ll look at Senator Lambie’s proposal (reported in the Herald’s write-up today) but it fails to address the deeper problem in politics that can swiftly and readily be fixed at the ballot box.”