Little sympathy for Labor's dual citizens

May 15, 2018

Australian Conservatives' policy of upholding Australia's constitution has today been reinforced by an opinion poll indicating that Australians have lost sympathy for Members of Parliament caught up in Labor's citizenship crisis.

Several Labor MPs - and SA independent Rebekah Sharkie - have resigned due to holding dual citizenship, sparking what is being called a 'super Saturday' of by-elections.

Yet questions still surround three further Labor MPs who have not yet demonstrated that they, too, have legitimate grounds to sit in the parliament.

The Australian newspaper today reports that 51% of Australians support disqualifying dual citizens, up from 44% in mid-August 2017. Support for disqualification is strongest among conservative voters, whereas support for retaining dual citizens in parliament is strongest among Greens voters.

46% of Australians oppose a referendum on changing the constitution to accommodate dual citizenship, compared with 43% supporting a referendum and 11% undecided. Again, conservative voters are most opposed to a referendum whereas Greens voters are most supportive of an expensive process for constitutional change.

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