Light and Schubert candidates' future bright: Bernardi

March 15, 2018

Australian Conservatives founder Cory Bernardi says the party's candidates for Light and Schubert have bright political futures, while labelling Saturday's election as the most unpredictable the state's ever faced.

The Conservatives leader, and Federal Senator for South Australia, was in Gawler on Sunday to attend a family day held by the party's candidate for Light, Carl Teusner, at Pioneer Park.

"It was wonderful to speak to so many of the locals," Mr Bernardi told The Bunyip.

"Carl's work ethic and energy has been just incredible.He's committed, he's doing everything that you would expect of a candidate, and more,” he said.

"We think he is signalling that he's got a very bright political future and events like the family fun day suggest that he's absolutely committed to helping the people in his electorate." Mr Bernardi said no one knows exactly how the state election, the first that his fledgling party has ever contested, is going to pan out.

"This is probably the most unpredictable election of any that South Australia's faced," he said.

"From our point of view, we've avoided mistakes and we've got some good candidates, and I hope that we'll be able to continue our representation in the upper house and fly the flag for the Conservatives in seats with candidates like Carl." Mr Bernardi also credited his chief-of-staff and Schubert candidate, Rikki Lambert, as "one of the shrewdest political advisers that I've ever had"

"He's right across legislation, he understands what's important to people in terms of political outcomes, and I think he's got a very bright political future, too," he said.

When asked if he's across any of the local electorates' issues, Mr Bernardi said "I get fed what's going on around the place".

"I know in Schubert, for example, there's been this toing and froing over a taxpayer funded dog park," he said.

"When elections come, it seems most politicians want to abandon all principle and just placate people. We're trying to be different, we're trying to apply principle the whole time so that when people vote for us they know exactly what we'll be supporting, and the kinds of things we're able to cater for," Senator Bernardi said.

Picture: Rikki Lambert and Carl Teusner

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