Libs’ Vic fail is why Conservatives are needed to take fight to the Left

November 25, 2018

The Liberals’ lack of strength and character in the face of Australia’s most radical green-left-leaning Labor Government is all the more reason why Conservative Party Senators will be needed in Canberra.

Conservative Party spokesman and Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton said conservatives should not lose heart at Saturday’s Victorian election result but re-double their efforts to fight back against the hard green-left which now controls Victorian Labor and whose ideas inhabit large sections of the Liberals.

“If we let the same politically correct radical elements control the Senate after next May’s federal election it could be lights out for liberty and for our economy. Sadly the Liberals were unable to take the fight up to a government which openly supports toxic cultural Marxism dressed up as ‘progressivism’,” Mr Shelton said.

“A government that recklessly cancelled a major road project and ripped $100 million from taxpayers to pay out the contractors and then announced a doubling of the debt days before election day has been rewarded,” he said 

“Time will reveal the consequences of compulsory ‘safe schools’ gender fluid indoctrination of children, drug injecting rooms and the killing of sick and vulnerable people instead of caring for them.These are not progressive policies, they are part of a regressive social experiment which Bill Shorten will replicate at a federal level if given the chance,” he continued.

 “Sadly not enough Liberals have the strength and resolve to sustain the fight in public against the Left. Too many go with the flow,” Mr Shelton said if conservatives don’t stand up now it may soon be too late.

“The radical Left will be emboldened by Daniel Andrews’ win. The best way to turn the tide is to vote for principled Conservatives in the Senate,” Mr Shelton concluded.

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