Liberals Go Soft on Drug Testing

July 06, 2017

Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire says he is appalled as the Liberals' failure to support measures that would have allowed police to get more drugs off the street.

ddsapol.jpg"We had the chance to give police every possibility to search for drugs when drivers test positive for drugs but the measure fell by one vote because the Liberal Party for some unfathomable reason decided to oppose the amendment" said Robert Brokenshire, who was critical of the implicit message that "...people can drive around high and with drugs in their cars without fear of having their supply discovered".

Mr Brokenshire continued to address the need to be getting drugs off of the street and out of the state, suggesting that "Giving police every possible opportunity to search for drugs when someone tests positive to a roadside drug test simply makes sense".

"We have seen report after report that more and more people are driving with illegal drugs in their system and putting everyone in the community at risk. Why wouldn't you want to give the police the opportunity to address this problem?".

Mr Brokenshire added that a growing methamphetamine (Ice) epidemic in SA is indeed a real and present threat on the roads and not just behind closed doors, citing reports that in April alone the number of drivers caught with drugs in their system had almost doubled compared to the past five years, with 1,251 people caught in a sample period between 6am and midday and a fivefold increase in those testing positive for Ice.

"The policies put to the parliament tonight were meant to address the rising number of drug drivers but one of the most important measures was left to fall by the wayside".

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