Leyonhjelm revives fight with Hanson-Young

July 20, 2018

Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm (pictured) has unleashed another attack against the Green's Sarah Hanson-Young after using parliamentary resources to determine how often the Greens senator has been asked to withdraw contentious remarks in the Senate.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says the Greens senator has a history of saying provocative things and getting upset when she’s called out on them.

The parliamentary library research, commissioned by Senator Leyonhjelm and obtained by The Australian, found Senator Hanson-Young was asked to withdraw comments at least 26 times since 2012.

The South Australian Greens senator is taking advice from lawyers on whether to launch legal action against Senator Leyonhjelm over allegedly defamatory remarks.

Examples of unparliamentary language spoken by Senator Hanson-Young that she was asked to withdraw included calling then Immigration Minister Peter Dutton a “racist bigot”, telling Nationals senator Barry O’Sullivan he was “corrupt” and accusing Liberal senator Jim Molan of “supporting white supremacists”.

By comparison Senator Leyonhjelm was asked to withdraw one comment — regarding Senator Hanson-Young — after he told her to “stop shagging men” during a debate about arming women with weapons for their safety.

The remark, made late last month, triggered a bitter feud between the two senators.

“Senator Hanson-Young … is a serial offender,” Senator Leyonhjelm said and Senator Bernardi has told the Triple M radio network's Luke Bona he agrees.

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