Leave the UN's $100 billion Paris basket-case fund: Bernardi

September 20, 2018

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says Australia should quit the Paris Climate Treaty immediately because it's a fraud and the money wasted on Paris will do absolutely nothing to the globe’s temperatures.

Paris is economic vandalism disguised as environmentalism. It is a wealth redistribution scheme to get rich countries to give away money to poor countries with the end goal to destroy capitalism.

China, India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia will ignore Paris.

The United States has already quit and Japan even withdrew from the Kyoto Treaty.

Germany will fail to meet its obligations and Poland will not try very hard.

France relies heavily on nuclear power and naturally supports imposing Paris handicaps on its competitors.

And most of the rest of the world are just hanging in there hoping for a flood of cash from the annual $100 billion climate compensation fund or from selling phony carbon credits.

Senator Bernardi has told Sky News Australia has massive coal, gas and uranium reserves and while we export these, we're hobbling our industries and with windmill power, it is insane.

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