Labor Short on facts about inequality

March 01, 2019

Bill Shorten Labor's claims that there is 'rising inequality' have been laid to waste by the OECD, which has shown that in fact inequality has not risen for 15 years. 

The research, highlighted in The Australian newspaper today, shows that in fact the poorest 20 per cent of Australia's population have experienced the biggest rises in income.

In previous headland speeches as Labor Leader, Bill Shorten has declared that Australia needs a new focus on inequality, saying 'accelerating inequality' threatens the health of the economy and social cohesion.

Mr Shorten claimed in 2017 that growing inequality made people behave in a racist way, blaming migrants for their lower incomes.

Late last year the Productivity Commission released a report on inequality, about which the Australian Financial Review observed:

Is inequality on the rise in Australia? This abstract issue, taught in many universities as an article of faith, has become the political truncheon with which Bill Shorten and militant Australian Council for Trade Union's secretary Sally McManus have whacked the Coalition. Inequality is out of control, the fair go is being undermined and the egalitarian way of life is under threat by low taxes, big business, a paucity of unions and conservative governments.

It's useful that amid this nonsense the Productivity Commission quite literally, has taken stock in a report called Rising Inequality: a stocktake of the evidence. The commission's overall verdict is that "over nearly three decades, inequality has risen slightly in Australia". That's it. For the vast majority of Australians the last 30 years has been good news. That's because 27 years of uninterrupted economic growth has lifted incomes of all Australians. It is a record that sits in stark contrast with the United States from where Labor seems to have imported much of its rhetoric. (emphasis added)

Labor has based their socialist platform of higher taxes and increased spending on globalist catchcry of reducing 'rising inequality' when the OECD have this week demonstrated that the socialist rhetoric has no factual basis in Australia. 

Turns out, Bill Shorten Labor's claims of 'rising inequality' in Australia are Fake News.

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