Labor’s Thelma and Louise driving Queensland’s economy off a cliff

July 12, 2018

The Conservative Party today urged the Queensland Government to re-think its policy of banning new ports, including micro ports, along the Queensland Coast.

The Conservatives Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton said it made no sense to allow excavation for recreational marinas but to ban export cargoes using the same size facilities.

“This is yet another green-left anti-business de-industrialisation strategy,” Mr Shelton said.

“Indigenous communities like Hope Vale, where abundant silica sand could be mined and shipped out through a micro port, will be denied job and wealth-creating opportunities as a result of this policy”.

“Why can a 170 metre diameter recreational marina get the green light but a mini harbour the same size be banned?” Mr Shelton said opening up coastal shipping was an environmentally friendly way of getting freight transport off our roads.

“We should use the blue highway as much as possible. The motorway of the sea is the way to go, as Europe proved very successfully, by pulling 60 per cent of truck traffic off coastal roads,” he continued.

As the State with the highest amount of border incursions, Queensland should also be strengthening its defence and emergency response capability with more small ports, something the Royal Australian Navy is understood to be keen about.

Queensland has just seven trading ports which are thousands of kilometres apart. By contrast, the UK has ports every 65km and Gujarat India every 53kms.

A micro port had recently been developed in South Australia at Lucky Bay, saving farmers a 200km road journey to transport grain.

“Like Thelma and Louise, Labor’s Anastacia Palaszczuk and Jackie Trad are driving the Queensland economy off a cliff,” Mr Shelton said.

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