Labor’s economy-wrecking policies

May 17, 2019

Home loan king and self-made millionaire Mark Bouris (pictured) has entered the election housing battle by placing 200,000 automated phone calls into marginal electorates warning that Labor’s negative gearing and capital gains policies will wreck the Australian housing market.

The Conservative Party agrees and will vote against Labor’s destructive socialist changes to our taxation system. That’s why it’s vitally important you take out third party insurance in the Senate and vote “1” Australian Conservatives on the big, white ballot paper.

The Australian reports, the former host of The Apprentice , who is more famous for starting Wizard Home Loans in competition with the big four banks, said he had decided to fund his third-party campaign on his own initiative and had not been put up to it by a political party.

He said the AEC had called him yesterday to advise that his automated message was a technical breach because it failed to have proper authorisation such as disclosing where he was from.

Mr Bouris’s robo-message began with: “This is Mark Bouris.” To satisfy the AEC, he was forced to change it to: “This is Mark Bouris from Sydney.”  

Mr Bouris came under attack from leftist trolls on Twitter for the message, which contained an explicit warning about Labor’s negative gearing policy.

“What we don’t need after this Saturday’s election is a government that brings further pressure on the property prices in Australia by eliminating negative gearing and changing the capital gains tax regime for property,” Mr Bouris says.

“My view is this: if Labor wins, if they bring in negative gearing changes and the capital gains tax changes, house prices will fall. They’ll continue to fall at a very rapid rate. And what’s worse is our kids are gonna have to pay more rent because investors are going to have to put the rent up to recoup the losses they would normally get as a tax deduction. So this Saturday when you’re voting, please think very carefully, consider who you vote for, because it could affect the future of us and our children.”

Mr Bouris said he had been shocked by the abuse he had received on Twitter, claiming he was exercising his democratic right.

To make sure Bill Shorten’s Australia-wrecking policies are blocked in the Senate, te “1” Australian Conservatives on the big, whit ballot paper.

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