Labor’s ‘Big Daddy’ $1.7 billion unfunded kids indoctrination program

Labor’s plan to use $1.7 billion per year of borrowed money to expand the scope, size and reach of government to three-year-olds is fiscally irresponsible and further diminishes parental choice, according to the Conservative Party.

Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said Labor was prepared to run up more debt to financially incentivise parents to put their children in the care of the state.

“Many parents will be wary of this given Labor’s enthusiasm for programs like Respectful Relationships which teach children their gender is fluid and discourage boys from playing with trucks and toy guns,” Mr Shelton said.

In what is sure to be an orchestrated move, the socially radical Andrews’ Victorian Labor government today announced it would pump $5 billion into pre-school funding for every three-year-old.

“With interest payments on federal government debt running at $17 billion a year, Labor seems unconcerned about racking up more on the nation’s credit card so it can influence children at even earlier ages,” Mr Shelton said.

“Like Victorian Labor, it is unconcerned about the obvious flow-on costs to the States which administer pre-schools. Labor wants to be able to indoctrinate young children in radical gender theory whatever the cost. Bill Shorten has pitched this as a way to ‘help with the cost of living’ but there is nothing to ease the cost of living for single income families who wish to make the choice to care for their three-year-olds by looking after them at home,” he said.

“That is a choice which protects children from big government’s gender indoctrination. Neither of the major parties are doing anything to level the playing field for single income families. Many families want the option of avoiding the rat race of having both parents working while their children are small and they want to protect their children from gender theory,” Mr Shelton continued.

“Parents will be rightly worried about their three-year-olds being read story books like the Gender Fairy, which says ‘only you can know if you are a boy or a girl, no one can tell you’,” Mr Shelton said many parents believed they could do a better job than the state in caring for their three-year-olds but were tired of being financially disadvantaged by the government for making this choice.

Cartoon: Johannes Leak from The Australian