Labor’s battery blitz to drive bills up and jobs offshore: Shelton

November 23, 2018

Labor’s battery powered electricity plan will send bills higher, jobs off-shore and make no difference to the climate,“This is an ill-conceived idea that will hurt people and drive our nation to economic ruin for no good reason,” Conservative Party spokesman and Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton said.

“Billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money thrown at renewables by both Labor and Liberal over the past 10 years has only sent electricity bills through the roof and brought the grid to point of failure. What makes Labor think that if only another $15 billion of borrowed money is thrown at renewables that we will suddenly get a different result? That is the definition of insanity,” he said.

Mr Shelton said even if batteries were a silver bullet, most Australians could not afford the estimated $10,000 to $22,000 for batteries and solar panels.

“A $2000 taxpayer subsidy would not be enough for most working families, even if battery power could firm up the grid and save the planet. Labor will then be forced to keep pouring in good money after bad. This is a recipe for higher electricity bills. Labor’s plan does not address the issue of the batteries’ life span and how funding replacements is achieved and how they are disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. nstalling a battery is not a set and forget proposition,” he continued.

Mr Shelton said the Conservatives were deeply concerned about Labor’s 45 percent emissions reduction target and how that would affect agriculture through cattle and sheep culling as well as the transport sector.

“Sadly both major parties, through their acceptance of dubious man-made global warming alarmism, have saddled Australia with policies that have driven our electricity industry to dangerous uncertainty. Job-sustaining manufacturing industry should not be facing the prospect of load-shedding in an advanced economy but that is the point to which both major parties have brought us. It’s embarrassing," Mr Shelton said. 

“Australia must draw a line under pouring more taxpayer money into renewable energy and urgently begin construction on new sources of base-load power be they coal, gas or nuclear. We can’t keep closing coal-fired power stations and expecting to be able to keep the lights on and jobs on-shore at the same time,” Mr Shelton said.

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