Labor rejects NEG’s decade emission targets

July 20, 2018

Labor has threatened an election showdown over climate change if the Turnbull government refuses to adopt a more flexible approach to the setting of emissions targets under its signature energy policy.

The Conservative Party has called for Australia to pull out of the Paris climate accord, scrap emissions targets and stop all renewable energy subsidies, a policy at odds with both Labor and the Coalition.

If the states sign up to the ­design of the national energy guarantee at a crucial meeting next month, the Turnbull government looks set to fight a new battle to win support for its plan to legislate emissions targets for each of the first 10 years of the scheme.

Opposition energy spokesman Mark Butler (pictured) said yesterday Labor was opposed to locking in 10 years’ worth of unambitious emissions reductions targets. But Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg indicated he would not back down.

“Labor is committed to supporting the transition to ... 50 per cent renewables by 2030,” Mr Butler told The Australian. “Given the massive difference between … visions for Australia’s energy future, it is hard to see how these competing ­visions won’t play a significant role in the next election.

The warning from Mr Butler came as the Institute of Public ­Affairs produced a research brief, which is being sent to all federal MPs today, arguing that the NEG would “impose substantial and ­irreparable economic damage without delivering a discernible environmental benefit”.

Senator Bernardi has told radio station FIVEaa's Leon Byner if we pull out of the Paris agreement we will no longer be beholden to bogus green theology, we can remove renewable subsidies and bring stability back to the energy market and make power prices affordable again.

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