Labor MP ‘overlooked’ ties to Chinese Communist Party

December 06, 2018

A Chinese-born Labor MP in Western Australia has failed to disclose his membership of an organisati­on linked to the Chinese Communist Party and another group that strongly supports Beijin­g’s aggressive actions in the South China Sea.

This is just one more justification for Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi's repeated calls for a royal commission into Chinese Communist Party influence in Australia.

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The Australian reports, Pierre Yang, the McGowan government’s upper house whip, is close to key Chinese-Australian business figures in Perth who are viewed as sympathetic to the Communist Party, an investigation by The Australian has ­revealed.

Mr Yang, 35, was elected to parliamen­t last year with backing from the left-wing union United Voice.

The former lawyer and Australian Army reserve officer accompanied Premier Mark McGowan on his official trip to Beijing in June.

Sources with a deep understanding of the Chinese community in Perth said they would be surprised if Australia’s security agencies were not monitoring Mr Yang’s network of associates.

Mr Yang confirmed he was a member of the Perth-based Northeast China Federation Inc. which aims to promot­e Chinese President Xi Jinpin­g’s Belt & Road Initiative in Australia.

Mr Yang was also a speaker at a functio­n in Perth in July last year — four months after becoming a Labor MP — to promote the BRI.

Mr Yang failed to disclose on his parliamentary interest register that he was a NECFI member.

He also failed to disclose his membership of a group called the Association of Great China.

Last year, the association signed a statement with other Chinese groups in which it supporte­d China’s actions in “safeguarding the sovereignty” of the South China Sea and condemne­d an international tribuna­l for its “unfair and illegal” ruling on the issue.

These positions are at odds with federal Labor Party policy.

Mr Yang said he had “overlooked” his membership of the two organisations in his returns.

Earlier this year  in the Senate, Senator Bernardi made the case for a Royal Commission into Chinese communist government influence in Australia.

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