Labor candidate out of WA by-election after misrepresenting her qualifications.

May 25, 2018

Labor candidate Colleen Yates has withdrawn from WA’s June 23 state by-election for the seat of Darling Range after it was revealed she had misrepresented her experience and qualifications.

The Australian Conservatives believe in honesty and principle in politics, neither of which were displayed by this disgraced Labor candidate.

One American university she claimed to have attended has told Fairfax Media it has no record of her.

The ABC reports a candidate eligibility checklist Ms Yates provided to the Labor Party under the subheading "Education" she claimed to have studied:

"Petroleum Engineering" at Fort Lewis College in 1982

"Engineering and Architecture" at Washington University in 1984, and

"Information Technology" at the University of Phoenix in 2001

But on her LinkedIn profile, she listed a Bachelor of Engineering/Master of Architecture at Washington University.

According to Fairfax Media, Fort Lewis College in Colorado said it had no record of her enrolment or of her attending the university.

The report also claimed Washington University said it had not granted Ms Yates a degree.

The university said she had started an architecture course but did not complete it.

It comes after Ms Yates was forced to explain why she listed an "MBA" from the University of Western Australia on a now-deleted LinkedIn profile, even though she had not completed the qualification.

The University of Phoenix confirmed Ms Yates was enrolled from 2001 to 2002 in an information technology degree, but had not completed it.

In a statement released today Ms Yates said these mistakes, “will haunt me for the rest of my life”.

The irony of this latest Labor lapse in honesty is that the by-election is being held because former Labor and later independent MP, Barry Urban resigned after he was found to have lied extensively about his military service, work experience and qualifications.

Picture: Disgraced Labor candidate Colleen Yates

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