Kids going on strike to protest 'climate emergency'

November 22, 2018

Nia and Iolo Cornthwaite won’t be at school next Wednesday.

The siblings aren’t planning to fake an illness or wag class to catch a movie with friends. There is no school excursion. There is no family emergency. There is, however, they claim, a climate emergency, one which they say needs the urgent attention of those in the halls of power. 

This climate alarmism has been called out by the Conservative Party which sees it as a UN-driven excuse for wealth redistribution and nothing to do with "saving the planet". 

The Canberra Times reports, on November 28, the Chapman Primary School students, together with dozens of like-minded peers, will gather outside Parliament House to urge their elected representatives to act on global warming.

In Canberra, Nia, 10, said her fears for the planet's future were sparked by a school project, through which she learned of the environmental consequences of climate change.

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert has told Adelaide radio station FIVEaa's Jeremy Cordeaux the climate activists have started using children to promote their cause.

To read Dan Jervis-Bardy's full story, click here.

UPDATE: 26 November 2018 - in response to a question about the planned protest, Prime Minister Morrison told Question Time "We don’t support our schools being turned into parliaments ... what we want is more learning in schools and less activism"

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